Postdoctoral and PhD positions

We have several openings for both postdoctoral fellows and PhD students. If you are interested in a multidisciplinary adventure at the single-molecule level, don’t hesitate to contact Antoine (A.M.van.Oijen at rug period nl).

In particular, we are looking for postdocs and PhD students for the following projects:

Single-molecule studies of DNA replication.Our group has played a pioneering role in the development of DNA-stretching tools to monitor replication. We are now looking to complement these tools with single-molecule fluorescence imaging to monitor the protein dynamics in the replication machinery while it is copying DNA.

Single-molecule studies of membrane channels and transporters.In collaboration with the world-class membrane-enzymology groups here in Groningen (Poolman, Driessen, Slotboom) we are developing the single-molecule fluorescence tools to study the activity and dynamics of membrane channels and transporters at the single-molecule level. In particular, we have developed a set of tools to perform single-molecule fluorescence imaging in supported lipid bilayers, a method we are now expanding to study the behavior of transmembrane proteins.