March 2014: Hylkje's paper on polymerase exchange has been published in PNAS! (pdf)

September 2013: Our Nature paper on Single-Molecule studies of the membrane transporter gltPH got published! (pdf)

April 2013: Antoine received the Physics Instructor of the Year award

February 2013: Andrew’s Nature Reviews of Microbiology article is out (pdf)

October 2012: Our FOM program ‘Crowd management: The physics of DNA processing in complex environments’ got funded! Antoine will be program leader of this 5-year effort of 8 groups in the Netherlands to understand how DNA-interacting machineries deal with roadblocks and intracellular crowding.

March 2012: Congrats to Karl Duderstadt! Karl has been awarded a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship from the Human Frontier Science Program.

January 2012: Welcome to Audrey Vial! Audrey started as a postdoc working on the maturation of Okazaki fragments. She hails from France and is trained as a physicist with quite a bit of experience in single-molecule biophysics.

December 2011: Sarah Stratmann has started as a PhD student and will work on the the T7 replication system. She is from Germany and has done her MSc research in the lab of Joe Howard in Dresden.

October 2011: Jan Peter Birkner has made the move from the other end of the hallway and has started in our lab as a postdoc. He will work on developing single-molecule tools to study protein translocation across a membrane.

September 2011: Joris Goudmsits has joined our group as a PhD student. With a background in applied physics, he will join our membrane-transporter effort.

September 2011: It's a busy month with new arrivals! Victor Caldas has started his PhD research ion our lab. Victor hails from Brazil and will work on in-vivo studies of DNA repair.

September 2011: Karl Duderstadt is joining our lab as a postdoc to work on E. coli replication. He's from UC Berkeley where he did his graduate work in the crystallography lab of James Berger.

September 2011: Alex Turkin has shed his MSc student label and has become a PhD student in our lab. Alex will work on sliding of proteins along DNA.

August 2011: Guus Erkens has joined our lab as a postdoc and will work on setting up a new effort in our lab that involves single-molecule tools to study membrane transporters.

August 2011: Thorben Cordes has joined the Single-Molecule Biophysics group as an assistant professor and will establish his own sub group, working on a variety of single-molecule related topics. See here for his group's website.

July 2011: Samaneh Mashaghi Tabari has joined our lab as a PhD student. Samaneh is originally from Iran and has spent quite some time in various labs around Europe. She will work on the development of novel platforms to study viral fusion at the single-particle level.

July 2011: Great news from the European level! Antoine has been awarded an ERC Starting grant. This prestigious award will fund a large part of our single-molecule adventures for the next five years.

March 2011: Nathan Tanner is saying goodbye to Groningen and our group. He will move back to the US where he will start a fabulous job as research scientist at New England Biolabs. Nathan has been with us for a long time: he got his PhD in our Harvard lab and joined us for a year in Groningen helping us set up here. Many thanks and good luck, Nathan!

February 2011: Michiel Punter has joined our group as a programmer. Michiel will work with us and neighboring groups to develop new analysis and measurement software to help us do our neat experiments.

January 2011: Antoine has been awarded the 2010 NVBMB (Dutch Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) Award.

January 2011: Wonderful news: Antoine has been awarded a Vici grant! 1.5 million Euro’s to do cool single-molecule experiments. Champagne!

December 2010: Two new group members: Andrew Robinson has joined us from Australia and will work on DNA replication. As a postdoctoral fellow, he will spearhead the group’s first little baby steps into the wonderful world of live-cell imaging. Da Liu has joined us from China as a PhD student and will use super-resolution imaging and in vivo single-molecule tracking to study membrane-protein biogenesis.

August 2010: Joseph Loparo, a postdoc in our group, has started a position as assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. Good luck, Joe!

May 2010: Mark Elenko, Dan Floyd, Anahita Tafvizi, and Nathan Tanner have all successfully defended their dissertations. Congratulations to all of them!

January 2010: Big changes for the lab- Antoine has moved home to the Netherlands, becoming head of the Single Molecule Biophysics group at the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Tot ziens, Harvard! The first member of the new lab is Hylkje Geertsema, who will work on single-molecule DNA replication for her Ph.D.

June 2009: Samir Hamdan has left the group to accept an Assistant Professor position at King Abdullah University for Science and Technology in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia.

July 2008: Hasan Yardimci has joined the group as a postdoctoral fellow. He spent the last few years in Paul Selvin's group studying kinesin and now will set his teeth in the eukaryotic replisome.

March 2008: Jason Otterstrom (Biophysics graduate program) has joined the group. He will strengthen our efforts in studying viral fusion by using single-particle fluorescence imaging assays.

February 2008: A sad moment for the group... Satoshi Habuchi is leaving us. But for a very good reason: he will be an assistant professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan.

May 2007: Congratulations to Joe Loparo on being named a Jane Coffin Childs Fellow! This prestigious fellowship will allow him to pursue a number of exciting research directions during the next few years.

February 2007: Joe Loparo has joined the group as a postdoctoral fellow. After having studied the dynamics of water using ultrafast laser spectroscopy during his graduate studies at MIT, he will now venture into the wonderful world of single-molecule biophysics.

February 2007: Jason Leith (Biophysics graduate program) and Anahita Tafvizi (Physics graduate program) have joined the group. They will use single-molecule fluorescence tools to study how the tumor suppressor protein p53 finds its recognition sequences on DNA. They will also perform computational and modeling work in this area with Prof. Leonid Mirny from MIT/HST.

September 2006: Anna Kochaniak (Biophysics graduate program) has joined the Van Oijen lab. Not afraid of biological complexity, Anna will use single-molecule techniques to study eukaryotic DNA replication in cell-free extracts.

September 2006: The first Van Oijen lab member is preparing to leave the nest... JB Lee is offered an assistant professor position from the Physics Department at Pohang University of Science and Technology in Korea. Congratulations, JB!

July 2006: Nathan Tanner (BBS graduate program) has joined us to pursue his PhD. Nathan will try to understand the wonders of DNA replication in prokaryotic systems using a variety of nifty single-molecule trics.

February 2006: The Van Oijen Lab has published its first paper! In the February 2 issue of Nature, Lee et al. describe how the T7 primase acts as a brake during DNA replication.

January 2006: Antoine is awarded an NSF Career Award to support the Van Oijen Lab's quest to understand the enzymatic properties of the T7 bacteriophage replication proteins using single-molecule techniques.